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Right data, right people, right time

Control and management of your design and product data often comes with a high cost overhead, because it is often achieved through the efforts of many individuals manually managing data and related tasks.

The perceived disruption and cost associated with reducing this burden is often vastly inflated, compared to the reality of the much lower investment required to solve the issues, therefore delivering real business benefits and ultimately leaving design teams and document custodians focussed on productive tasks that deliver products or projects effectively.

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  • Solving Data Challenges

    Our data management team will help you solve your data challenges by implementing Autodesk Vault technologies to control, manage data and automate manual tasks. Connecting designers to Autodesk Vault provides a robust data management experience and allows engineers and designers to focus on the task in hand, allowing the system to take care of revision and version management whilst ensuring company standardisation is achieved throughout.

    Other document creators benefit from accessing the same project environment through Autodesk Vault Office allowing non-cad files such as Word, Excel and PDF’s to be controlled and managed effectively. Viewing capabilities are then further expanded around your organisation using Vault Professionals intranet tools, quickly providing a secure and managed data environment that ensures the right people can see the right data at the right time.

    With the management of your data taken care of we can focus on automating some of the processes that surround project deliveries, such as manual change and approval processes. These manual, often paper based processes, are a drain on time and resource and are often the cause of errors and delays in project deliveries. With Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle you can vastly automate these tasks, reduce decision time, improve product time to market and even help you integrate your Bill of Materials to you ERP system all from your desktop, tablet or phone.

    We will also help you get your data to the outside world using a number of platforms including Autodesk Fusion Team and Autodesk BIM 360.

    This may all sound complex and difficult to do, but we do this every day and will help you every step of the way to make your transition as simple as possible.

    Our Vault projects comprise of a number of consultancy and training days and are delivered in pre-agreed phases across a number of weeks. This has proven highly successful and delivers significant business benefits quickly to multiple stakeholders whilst ensuring the protection and security of your intellectual property.

  • The Cadline One Methodology

    Our Data Management implementations are delivered using our highly successful One Methodology, a collaborative partnership between you and us. We bring our expertise and experience to the project and you bring commitment and an open mind to the improvements that Autodesk Vault Professional can bring to your business. From initial scope, to the ongoing optimisation of your implementation, each phase of the project is delivered based on the principles of excellent communication and supporting your self-sufficiency.

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What our customers are saying

“Our partnership with Cadline has been a real success. We would highly recommend them as a partner.”

“Cadline worked with our team to implement an integrated data management solution across the design team and wider business. The project involved migrating all our existing files from our outgoing system with minimal disruption to the business. The partnership has been a real success with Cadline taking the time to really understand our business and our processes to ensure an effective and smooth implementation.

Cadline’s technical team provided both software training and ongoing support of our implementation. Both training and support have been of a consistently high standard proving both the industry and product expertise of the Cadline team.

Subsequent to implementation we have also adopted Cadline’s Vault emailer application that automates the production and sending of emails to teams around the business based on easily configurable rules. Thanks to this application we have saved time, reduced errors, improved communication and enhanced our coordination process.

Our partnership with Cadline has been a real success. We would highly recommend them as a partner.”

– Steve Page, IT Support Manager, Trinity House

“Cadline are our preferred choice for advice on our engineering design and data management platforms”

“We have a long standing relationship with the team at Cadline who are our preferred choice for advice on our engineering design and data management platforms. The Cadline and Molins teams have worked closely together to deliver a common engineering design platform and capabilities across multiple teams, to the extent that projects can now be shared by teams in different countries.

The technical team at Cadline have an understanding of both our business and its internal processes and assist us to deliver and adopt changes quickly and successfully across our engineering and electrical design teams.”

– Phil Roberts, Engineering Director, Molins Tobacco Machinery

“The upgrade was a complete success”

“Cadline are our partners for our Autodesk data management platform, Vault. We recently upgraded to the latest version and asked the team at Cadline to upgrade our current version and to train us on the latest software functionality.

The upgrade was a complete success, thank you to Sam and his team for delivering the project on time and on budget!”

– Stephen Ross, Franklite Ltd

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